Six Sentence Sunday 4-15-12

Stupid me!  I missed getting my link in for this Sunday’s six 😦

Since I had something already picked out in the spirit of Friday the 13th, I’m posting anyway. I fished around in my pile of shorts for this Sunday’s Six. If you’re new to SSS, writers post six sentences (and six sentences only) from any work-in-progress, something already published, or something that is scheduled to be published. This week, I chose a snippet  from a story about a man and his buddy who dig up a grave on Halloween night. 

Nathaniel blew out a breath and drove his shovel into the earth.  The wind picked up, chasing a cluster of dried leaves into the grave.  It rattled through a dead tree, coaxing a funeral dirge from the branches. The aged wood clicked and moaned with a sound like bone-chimes. Overhead, a tattered string of clouds swept across the moon in a lacey death-veil.  

“Damn, it’s cold,” he muttered. 

Drat, the limitation of the six! Hopefully, it managed to conjure a goosebump or, at least, put you in the setting.  There are many other wonderful writers contributing to Six Sentence Sunday. To learn more about how SSS works, to post your own offering, or to read more sixes, click here and enjoy!

And if you liked what you read, I loved to hear your thoughts in a comment. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed my six! 🙂

30 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 4-15-12

  1. Great six sentences! Wish there were six more 🙂 I was able to visualize more in those six sentences than in the first two books of a well known series I just finished.


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