Six Sentence Sunday 4-8-12

Happy Easter, Everyone!  Stepping away from Weathering Rock for a moment to pull something out of an older short for this Sunday’s Six. Because the Easter Bunny will be hoppity-hoppiting around, leaving oodles of goodies behind, I thought I’d post something with a reference to candy. 

In this, my lead character Evan has just encountered “Clark,” a bit of a colorful persona who grows as secondary character as the story progresses. Just a bit of fun:

Clark didn’t look much older than nineteen, twenty tops, and was every bit as bedraggled as something fished from the sewers. Evan guessed his messy, ill-fitting clothing was a matter of preference, matching the stringy hair that hung halfway down his back. 

“Old Man Jenks send you for the rent?” Clark reached into a paper sack he held and popped something in his mouth. 

Up close, Evan noticed the bag was filled with red licorice bits, the kind of penny candy he remembered as a kid. The bite-sized pieces looked gooey and soft, prompting his stomach to grumble its unpleasantness.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to comment before hopping off down the Six Sentence Sunday bunny trail, I’d be most grateful. Don’t forget to check out the other authors participating in this Sunday’s Six. There are bound to be plenty of Easter gems for your enjoyment!

13 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 4-8-12

  1. Hi Mae,

    “As bedraggled as something fished from the sewers”. LOL. Love that line so much. You paint such a wonderful and perfect picture of Clark. You are a true artist 😉

    Best Wishes for Easter,



  2. Many thanks to everyone who stopped by to comment on my latest six. Darn, but it’s fun and addictive. The Easter holiday and a few other RL hurdles have put me behind the 8-ball, but I intend to dive in again next week and make the rounds to others who are hosting their own six. Thanks again for all the comments, and I’ll hope you’ll check back to see next week’s offering!


  3. I’m a little late, but I agree — you do a great job presenting a very clearly drawn character. And hints as some major conflict comin’! Very nice, Mae. Definitely interested to see where these two are headed.


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