Six Sentence Sunday 4-1-12

I’m attempting my second Six Sentence Sunday, which I think is quickly going to become addictive! Rank newbie here, but I now realize I’m allowed to lead in with an explanation.  So . . . this is taken from my paranormal romance called “Weathering Rock” which will be released by Lyrical Press in October.

This is early on in the novel. Arianna Hart (heroine) and Caleb DeCardian (hero) have just met the previous night. 

“Allow me.” Caleb took her plate, adding a few strips of bacon and a plump muffin from the final platter Wyn set on the table. She wondered if they always ate so lavishly or if the breakfast had been geared around having an overnight guest. Either way, there was something charming about Caleb’s attentiveness. A glance at Wyn told her he was amused by his brother’s courtly fawning.

“Thank you.”


If you’d like to know more about Six Sentence Sunday, including how you can participate, check out this link:

A great group of writers and a lot of fun!

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