Moving Full Steam Ahead

So, here I am, neglecting my blog, and realizing it’s been a while since I posted. Ugh!  I can’t let that continue.  But . . . just so you know I haven’t been goofing off and leading a life of leisure (ha!) much has been happening at my end.

My publisher, Lyrical Press, contacted me with a targeted release date for Weathering Rock. We’re now looking at October of this year.  That may seem like a stretch if you’re unfamiliar with the publishing world, but I was shocked by the quick turnaround.  I hadn’t expected the book to be released until winter of 2013.  Naturally, I’m excited by the earlier date. October happens to be one of my three favorite months. With attention on jack-o-lanterns and things-that-go-bump-in-the-night, what better time to release a novel with a werewolf hero?  All of that aside, the early release date has meant putting my nose to the grindstone. Er . . . actually, my fingers to the keyboard.

First up was filling out essential paperwork for Lyrical. All of the business stuff you’d expect, but some other tantalizing forms too. Those included my suggestions for cover art (no promise on that one but Lyrical has great cover designers) and my idea of a back cover blurb and tag line. Completing those left me with a sense of accomplishment and the knowledge all of this is moving full steam ahead.

Next came something called pre-edits – – another polishing of my manuscript, which I needed to have completed and returned by Monday, March 26th.  I finished that up a little earlier today and sent it to Lyrical. That’s the over-achiever in me. I like to work ahead of deadlines as much as possible.

I’m working on plotting book II (no title yet) and cleaning up another completed manuscript called “Myth and Magic.” No werewolves in that one but plenty of ties to myth. And magic. 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m starting something new with the blog I hope to continue with each Sunday. Hopefully, I won’t screw it up!

I’m going to be taking part in something called “Six Sentence Sunday.”  The idea is that each Sunday, I will be posting six sentences (and six sentences only) of something I’m working on. Numerous writers participate in this, adding six sentences to their blog each Sunday. It gives you a little snippet of where our creative minds are at the moment.

Right now, mine is wrapped around Caleb DeCardian, Arianna Hart and Weathering Rock. Assuming I do everything correctly, tomorrow by 9:00 a.m. six sentences from Weathering Rock will appear on my blog.  I like the idea (learned from another writer in one of my author workshops) and hope to continue with it each Sunday.

I hope you’ll like it too!  Happy weekend!

5 thoughts on “Moving Full Steam Ahead

  1. Moving full steam ahead is right! You’re blazing a trail through this new adventure of yours, Mae. It’s a blast to hear of the challenges that come your way, and how you leap right over them to the next one! And a thrill to watch you do it, knowing you’re living your dreams to the fullest. I hope you take a breath and sit back and just enjoy it. You deserve it.



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