Whew!  My website, is finally online. Give it a look-see when you get a chance and be sure to blabber the news to everyone you know!  For someone who daylights in marketing you’d think this stuff would be second nature for me, but there’s a learning curve when you’re promoting yourself (I have to say things about ME? Seriously? Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!). Well, I think I’m past that hurdle and have come to the realization that writing isn’t only about telling stories—it’s about sharing them and making sure readers know where to find them.

That involves shedding the privacy shell and developing an online presence.  So I’ve plopped a few of my writing samples in the Story Snippets section of my website until things move ahead with Weathering Rock. Nothing major . . .  a scene each from three novels in progress.

Myth and Magic is finished, but waiting on a final edit. Courting Stones, although complete, requires reworking due to a new plot thread and, finally, Sea Myth, is a work-in-progress I’m anxious to return to. All three of these involve elements of myth and mystery in a modern day setting.  I hope you enjoy them and will bookmark for future visits!

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