Whew!  My website, is finally online. Give it a look-see when you get a chance and be sure to blabber the news to everyone you know!  For someone who daylights in marketing you’d think this stuff would be second nature for me, but there’s a learning curve when you’re promoting yourself (I have to say things about ME? Seriously? Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!). Well, I think I’m past that hurdle and have come to the realization that writing isn’t only about telling stories—it’s about sharing them and making sure readers know where to find them.

That involves shedding the privacy shell and developing an online presence.  So I’ve plopped a few of my writing samples in the Story Snippets section of my website until things move ahead with Weathering Rock. Nothing major . . .  a scene each from three novels in progress.

Myth and Magic is finished, but waiting on a final edit. Courting Stones, although complete, requires reworking due to a new plot thread and, finally, Sea Myth, is a work-in-progress I’m anxious to return to. All three of these involve elements of myth and mystery in a modern day setting.  I hope you enjoy them and will bookmark for future visits!

Fangs and Howls

Long before Stephanie Meyer introduced us to Camp Edward and Camp Jacob, there was Barnabas and Quentin Collins, resident vampire and werewolf of the gothic serial Dark Shadows. I was too young to wrap my head around a day time soap opera (I still can’t do it) but the paranormal elements kept me mesmerized. I remember rushing home from grade school to catch the latest episode, enraptured by the vampires, werewolves, ghosts and witches that ran rampant at Collinwood Manor. Jonathan Frid portrayed brooding vampire Barnabas with David Selby in the role of smoldering werewolf, Quentin. From the moment I spied Quentin, I knew I was slated for the Wolf Camp. Don’t get me wrong—vampires are sexy and hot but, as a writer of paranormal romance, I’m drawn to the conflict of change that overtakes a werewolf every full moon. Throw in the enchantment of silver and you can practically feel the ghost-whispers creeping up your spine.

Not to diss the vamps—I’ve done my share of swooning over the fanged set—but when it comes to choosing sides, you’ll find me roaming the night-blackened hillsides and joining in the chorus of howls. That’s why I cursed the hero of my current novel-in-progress (Caleb DeCardian of Weathering Rock) with lycanthropy.

Conflict. Turmoil. Angst.

As every good writer knows, there’s nothing like a flawed character to create an emotional bond. So, whether you’re Camp Edward/Barnabas or Camp Jacob/Quentin, the result is the same now as it was decades ago–tortured heroes are hot!

If you had to choose, which would it be—Vampires or Werewolves?